How to Track Social Media like Facebook in Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to see how various social media sites drives website traffic, conversion goals, or whatever is critical to understanding the benefit of social media to your website.

Google Analytics is a great tool that is, in general, straight forward to use.  Unfortunately, tracking data from social media sites like Facebook in Google Analytics is not very intuitive.

What I’ve included below is how to track data from Facebook in Google Analytics.    The principles of this approach can be used for other social media sites as well (e.g. Twitter, etc).
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Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO– Getting Started

Learning to use the Adwords keyword tool properly is critical for keyword analysis.  This article is focused on the basics of using the Adwords Keyword Tool to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Adwords is Google’s tool for Pay Per Click advertising.   You’re probably asking yourself: “But, wait.  I thought this article was about keywords and SEO, not Pay Per Click advertising?”

I see you are very observant and wise, young grasshopper.

As part of Adwords, Google also gives users a variety of tools to manage their Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.   One of those tools is the Adwords Keyword Tool.    While the Adwords Keyword tool is built to help advertisers find keywords to optimize their advertising campaigns, the data that is provided is also useful for doing keyword analysis for SEO.

So, let’s get started with how to use this tool.

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The Most Effective Use of Social Media to Build Your Business: Not Using It.

Social media has been the buzz phrase of the last couple of years.   The media loves it, people use it to stay connected, and businesses are clamoring over themselves to to build their brands and make money through it.

God help you if you’re a business owner and you don’t have a social media presence…. Consultants will yell “How the hell do you survive in the 21st century?!?” as you walk down the street.  Young adults will throw virtual sheep at you and try to “poke” your eyes out, blue twitter birds will swoop out of the sky and poop in your eye.

You might as well turn your country-bumpkin butt around and ride your horse and buggy back home because your business won’t survive without a Facebook page, a tweet strategy, a blog, etc.  Social media’s where it’s at.   You can’t survive as a business without it in today’s market.

Hey, do you smell that?   Me too.  No, I don’t think it’s the blue bird poop in your eye.   I think it’s bull shit.

I stepped in it with my own internet businesses and many others business owners are stepping in it as we speak.

I’ll cut right to the chase:   The ROI on social media strategies for a majority of businesses just does not exist.
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Three Tips to Overcoming Doubt and Getting Started with Anything

I don’t know if this site will work out.

You know what’s messed up?  In my head, I’m already betting against it.

Since I’ve started writing this post I’ve already checked email, browsed two other blogs (and thought to myself that I’ll never be as good), and decided this was a stupid idea for a post.


Enter the mind demons.   You know what I’m talking about.   They’re those voices in your head that keep planting negative ideas whenever you try to get started with something.    A relationship, a business idea, an idea at work, a change at home, a new hobby –  the voices don’t care what it is; they just don’t want you to do it.

They’re only happy when you’re stuck in place (or ecstatic when you’re moving backwards).

Here’s what mine are saying right now:  “Who do you think you are?”,  “ You won’t keep up with it, so why start ?”,  “No one will read this anyway.”,  “Don’t you have enough to do?”,  “People will think you’re stupid.”

You get the idea.

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